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Technological Innovation

Cabro’s remarkable push for innovation translates into its investment in the so-called “wonder material”, Graphene – a monoatomic carbon layer whose amazing features are bound to transform the upcoming technological development.

Cabro Spa invests in Research & Development running an intensive study on nanostructured materials also through Nanesa Srl.

Established in 2013, Nanesa is a startup company controlled by Cabro and meant to conceive, produce and market groundbreaking high-tech materials such as Graphene and its derivatives. It thus cooperates with leading companies, research institutes and universities in order to further develop this material to satisfy all application needs. All the materials, in fact, are conceived and tuned up to meet the specific requests of the customers.

In 2014, Nanesa also joined the Graphene Flagship project, Europe's biggest research initiative intended to take this revolutionary product out of the research laboratories and into European society in the space of 10 years, by bringing together academic and industrial researchers.


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