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Quality and Tradition

Decorative products for glass and ceramics. Rüger & Günzel GmbH stands for quality and tradition. Back in 1852 a society called Günzel was founded in Novy Bor (Haida), while in 1930 the Rüger family bought a production plant for ceramic paints in Waldenburg (now Poland). The two families finally blended in 1953 to give birth to the Dr. Josef K. Rüger & Josef Günzel Schmelzfarben GmbH in Neu-Isenburg.

The company grew into one of the main producers of decorative paints for glass and ceramics; then, in 2007, it was taken over by Cabro and eventually became Rüger & Günzel GmbH.Cabro and Rüger & Günzel GmbH now offer a complete range of products: precious metal colors (bright gold and bright platinum), lusters, decorative paints for ceramics, glass and tiles, print media and other decorative products.


Cabro S.p.A.

Via Setteponti, 141

52100 Arezzo (AR)

Tel: 0575 984 442 - Fax 0575 382 763

Numero Verde 800 904271

Rüger & Günzel GmbH

Dornhofstrasse 71

D 63263 Neu-Isenburg

Tel: +49(0)6102-8129416

Fax: +49(0)6102-8129440